Lately I have been hooked on watching Tricia Morris’ videos over at TV Weekly.  She is such a fantastic teacher and has the coolest ideas.  I had to make the Memories Cubed photo cube (do a Google search for “Club Scrap Memories Cubed”) just to see for myself how it worked.

As I mention in the video below, I couldn’t figure out how to show this thing with still photos, so you get my first video. Evah. 🙂



I asked my husband to make the eight 1.5″ wooden cubes for me, but I also found them at A.C. Moore for 89 cents each.  (Was it worth waiting two weeks to save $7.50?  Yeah, I suppose, lol.)

Here are a few tips for you that I wish Tricia had mentioned in the video:

1. Make sure to let the glue set up completely for each step before “working those hinges.”  (Once you watch her video, you’ll know what I mean.) This keeps things from moving around on you, which can be quite aggravating.

2. Limit the embellishments you use to very thin items.    I used one layer of card stock and one photo on each section.  My only embellishments were rubber stamping and some rub-ons.  Anything more and the cube will be too thick to work properly.

3. Pay attention to where your photos will be trimmed/folded.  You don’t want cuts or fold lines across people’s eyes (or mouths!)  I made myself a trimming guide by drawing a 3″x3″ square on a clear piece of plastic (I used a scrap of packaging.)  I then drew in lines dividing it into four 1.5″ squares, just as our cubes will be divided.


I used this to position my photos on the 3″x 3″ squares so they wouldn’t be trimmed at awkward places.  This is why many of my photos are positioned in the upper left corner.  Didn’t want to chop up that cute little grin!  (You do this before you glue the 3″x3″ squares to the photo cube.)


Once you’ve watched Tricia’s video, you’ll see what I mean.  Let me know how your own magical photo cubes come out. I’m looking forward to making several more of these for special gifts. Have fun!

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