5 Tips for Beading Bezels Like a Pro-For ANY Shape!

Have you noticed that most beaded bezel designs out there are for ROUND stones and cabochons?

They’re certainly all lovely, but what if you want to create something with a different shape?

In this video I show two different ways to create a bezel around this marquis-type shape.

It’s from Potomac Beads and is called a “Navette.”

The method I use for the back is simpler and uses less beads, but you can use either one for either side.

With the tips and techniques from this class, you should now be able to figure out a beaded bezel pattern for any stone shape!

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Tools and Materials:

Thank you to Potomac Bead Company who sends me their wonderful monthly subscription boxes to play with.

Watch the 5 Tips for Beading Bezels Like a Pro-for ANY Shape! video at YouTube.

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