How to Roll Even Polymer Clay Sheets WITHOUT a Pasta Machine!

I remember the frustration of not having a pasta machine while trying to follow polymer clay tutorials calling for evenly rolled sheets.

Some techniques simply weren’t possible without a pasta machine.

Four playing cards with a ball of polymer clay and the title, "No Pasta Machine? No Problem!"

I wish I had known this trick back then!

A pasta machine painted in rainbow colors on an acrylic base

If you find you enjoy working with polymer clay I heartily recommend eventually getting a pasta machine. I love my modified Atlas with its fancy paint job! (Similar to the one above.)

But I know it’s not always possible to invest as much as we’d like into tools. So I hope you find this card trick useful in the meantime.

You also might find it helpful to see the relative thickness measurements on my two machines.

Tools & Materials:

If you already have a pasta machine, check out Measuring Thickness on Pasta Machines to figure out the thickness of each of your settings.

Enjoy the video, happy creating!

Watch the How to Roll Even Polymer Clay Sheets WITHOUT a Pasta Machine! video on YouTube.

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