So this morning before church I did a bit of clean up in my sewing room.  All the piles of fabrics to be sewn into garments went into a basket, the stacks of patterns rubber banded together so they’d stop slithering all over the floor AND I pulled out the wedding quilt to be machine quilted, along with all its accompanying patterns and plans for said quilting.

I even vacuumed the floor where all those piles had been.  Wow, that was noisy. I’m guessing I now know where all my missing beads are.

The wedding quilt-to-be was placed next to my sewing machine on the ironing board with the plan to begin work on it when I got home from church.

However, when I got home, I found this:


Well, what would YOU have done?

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2 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Quilt Today

  1. Been there, took a picture of that too. Well, obviously the universe doesn’t want you to quilt. I think it is bad luck to move a cat off a quilt. That could just be something being spread by, you guessed it, cats!

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