Today’s desk shows my preparation for getting serious about learning how to improve my machine quilting.    Last fall a fellow quilter recommended Diane Gaudynski’s Guide To Machine Quilting.  I checked it out of the library and had to agree, it was fantastic.  So I bought me a copy and have been carefully reading it, taking notes and buying new tools ever since.  (More about that another time.)


The quilt on the table is one I made years and years ago (1996, I think?) for a guild challenge.  It won first place, and I won a pack of fabrics, with which I promptly started the quilt below.  It’s called the The Country Songbird Quilt.  I actually have the center section completely done and the applique for the pillow section is complete.  Just have to quilt that, then add the borders.  THEN bind all those scallops, blah.  (The photo below isn’t mine, it’s one I found online, so I know finishing it IS possible, lol.)

Back to the quilt on the table.  I never did any quilting on it, so I’m going to use it as a practice piece before beginning work on a queen size wedding gift quilt.  The wedding was, ahem, last August?  I believe the etiquette rules say you have a year to get them a gift?  (Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, haha.)  Anyhow, it’s my goal to have it completed for them by their first anniversary.

guide to machine quilting

Can you believe this woman’s machine quilting?!  If I can get just a little bit close to what she does, I’ll be happy.

Here’s a close up of the practice quilt.  Surface embellishment is definitely my thing.  But whatever you do, don’t ever, ever try to do silk ribbon embroidery with satin ribbon.  Yup, even after 15 years I remember what a royal pain in the behind that was.


On top of the quilting book is my sewing machine manual.  I had pulled it out for help replacing the light bulb and started reading other pages, too.  Would you believe that after owning this machine for 13 years, last night I learned three new things from that manual?  Silly little, but very helpful things I wish I’d known.  Read those manuals, ladies & gents!

Beside the books is a pile of bracelets I’ve been working on.  Several got listed in my Etsy shop this past weekend.  If you’d like to make your own, I put up a video tutorial here.

To the right of the bracelets is a white notepad.  See that long list on the left?  That’s a list of most of my pending sewing projects.  The slightly shorter list on the right is of crafting projects.  Sheeeeesh, no wonder I was feeling overwhelmed.  Still am, kinda, lol.

Finally, the white sticky-back felt is to make some jersey bracelets.

Time to get off the computer and get busy!

Happy woyww, all.  🙂

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