Make These Charming Mixed Media Fairy Wings

Sometimes it’s fun to just gather a bunch of supplies and start messing around, and see what you come up with,

You never know what will be the results of these sessions, but usually your best work is done during creative play time.

That’s how this fairy wing project was born, I love the idea of transparency with embellishments and controlled color. These wings are what came out of my experiments and explorations on those themes.

Please share your results!

Tools & Materials:

Notes about UV resin, UV lamps and printable transparencies:

  • I use Magic Glos UV resin because it has a strong surface tension and therefore domes nicely. You can do this project with other resins, but be sure the one you choose also has good doming capabilities.
  • UV resin cures under UV light, which includes the strongest one we have: the sun! However, for this project it’s much more convenient to use a UV lamp in your studio.
  • The transparency sheets I printed on will work for laser or ink jet printers. However, I did this project with an ink jet printer and have not tested it with laser toner.

Learn more about:

The printable artwork linked below is free for your use in any way you choose, including commercial usage.

These are the artists who created the images:

Enjoy the video, happy creating!

Watch the Make These Charming Mixed Media Fairy Wings video on YouTube.

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