Six Things You Should Never Do With A Thread Burner – Friday Findings

Are you like me and prefer not to spend money on tools that don’t seem necessary?

Then one day you purchase a tool you’ve been ignoring for a long time and wonder, “Why didn’t I buy this sooner?”

Yeah, the thread burner is like that.

Sure, we all have scissors to cut threads. But if you do any kind of beading, you may just want to take another look.

Using a thread burner will let you trim more closely than scissors, and make your work just a bit more secure.

It’s also fast, and, strangely satisfying to burn down those bits of thread.

It’s a simple device, and easy to use, but there are a few things to be mindful of. Which is why in today’s video I share six things you should never do with a thread burner.

Tools & Materials:

Just one of several bizarre questions about thread burners on Amazon:

Can it be use to cauterize warts?

I’ll leave you to look up other possible interesting/disturbing uses in the Amazon questions for the Perfect End thread burner.


Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Six Things You Should Never Do With A Thread Burner – Friday Findings video at YouTube.

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