Sunburst Beading – Fringe Beads As Pendant Accents – Jewelry Tutorial

Learn how to use fringe beads such as daggers, rizos and drops to create sunburst or floral patterns around a central focal.

There was a bit of an engineering puzzle to solve with this project, but the end results are worth it!

Two pendants made of beads surrounded by a sunburst design of top drilled dagger beads.

Tools & Materials:

For center beads choose beads with a flat profile, ovals or rounds will work.

Here are a the ones I showed in the video:

For starburst or flower petal beads choose ones such as:

Other Tools & Materials:

Watch the Sunburst Beading-Fringe Beads As Pendant Accents video at YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “Sunburst Beading – Fringe Beads As Pendant Accents – Jewelry Tutorial

  1. Clever! What I like best, as usual, is your color combinations–the blue/purple, gold and earthy brown are just beautiful together.

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