How to Organize the Small Stuff in Your Studio-Friday Findings

Do you have one of THOSE places in your creative space?

You know, that black hole where all the itty bitty things go to hide?

plastic organizer containers for small items such as beads

In today’s video I’ll reveal a scary box full of wonderful, but tiny bits and pieces desperately in need of organizing.

PandaHall Elite 4 Pack 5 Grids Jewelry Dividers Box Organizer Clear Plastic Bead Case Storage

With the help of several organizers from Beebeecraft, I’ll show you how I get these all sorted and much more orderly.

PandaHall Elite 2 Pack Clear Rectangle Plastic Box Container Case Removable Bead Storage Organizer with 28 small gride

Thank you to Beebeecraft for sending along the boxes for me to use. I received them at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

Both of these are available on Amazon, but are less expensive at the BeebeeCraft website.

If there’s anything else Beebeecraft sells that you’d like me to review, send me the link and I’ll put in a request for next time.

Enjoy the video and happy creating (or organizing!)

Watch the How to Organize the Small Stuff in Your Studio-Friday Findings video at YouTube.

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