ArtResin Review: Two-Part Epoxy Resin No VOC-Friday Findings

Those of you who are my regular viewers may have noticed that the only resin you’ve ever seen me using is Magic Glos UV resin.

There’s a reason for that, which I explain in today’s video!

bottles of 2 part epoxy resin by Art Resin

All that is about to change as the nice folks at ArtResin sent me a set of their two-part epoxy resin and their pearl/metallics colorants to try out.

cast resin pendants and bracelet with purple, blue and bronze copper colorings
An example of what can be made with 2 ounces of epoxy resin.

In today’s video I will share my thoughts on this resin, my results, and tips for having success using this type of resin.

While recording the video I mentioned that I planned to test UV resin vs. ArtResin with fresh flowers.

When I used fresh flowers in UV resin in my Nature’s Treasures video, many folks speculated that this would not work with another type of resin.

I tested seven different plants from around my yard. Six were picked fresh and one was dried, as a kind of control.

In spite of dire warnings about moisture content in the plants keeping the resin from curing, all the ArtResin completely hardened.

  • Top left, Citronella blossoms: This one had the most drastic difference, as the two-part resin bleached out the pink colors.
  • Top right, (sorry I don’t know the name of this plant, it’s related to Azaleas): The flowers in the two-part resin yellowed and darkened
  • Middle row, Creeping Charlie: This plant didn’t do well in either type of resin, the pretty purple blossoms completely lost their color.
  • Lower row, Sea Berry: No noticeable difference between the two samples.
fresh flowers in UV and two-part epoxy resin
  • Top left and top right, Barberry: Surprisingly, even the berries, which are full of moisture, are just fine in two-part epoxy, no difference from the UV resin results
  • Upper middle, Grape Hyacinth: Some of flowers in the two-part resin changed color, from purple to teal.
  • Lower left: Dried Yarrow: No difference at all, which I expected since these flowers have no moisture left in them.

At some point I’ll do a video showing more detail about this experiment/comparison.

These two videos explain more about why this resin is different from others:

resin gems and bangle bracelet
Playing with the “petri dish” technique-also 2 oz. of resin total.

Materials shown in the video:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the ArtResin Review: Two-Part Epoxy Resin No VOC-Friday Findings video at YouTube.

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