Seven Creative Ways To Use Chip Beads In Your Jewelry

I’ve had several requests for ideas for using chip beads in jewelry, so here you go!  

Seven ideas that will inspire your creativity with these beautiful, but irregular beads.

Two pairs of dangle earrings made using chip beads.

Chip beads are beautiful and fun to look at, but the same irregularity that makes them so interesting can also make it difficult to design jewelry using them.

This video gives you 7+ ideas to get you going creating lovely earrings, necklaces and bracelets with these fun beads!

Here is an overview of the seven ideas, watch the video for more details:

7 Creative Ways to Use Chip Beads In Jewelry:

1. Earrings with strands of chips on eye pin links

2. Stacking chips on links for necklaces, bracelets & earrings

3. Bracelets & necklaces with strands of chip beads on eye pins: stacked, singly or a combination

4. Tassel type earrings or pendant with long head pins with chips at bottom of each

5. Add chips to knitted wire using knitting tool (Watch my video on the Wonder Knitter to learn how.)

6. String groupings of them on memory wire for bracelets or necklaces

7. Make clusters, like in purple earrings or Spring Greens Earrings 

silver earrings with long turquoise chip bead dangles

CChip bead earring materials:

Blue Shell Dangles:

purple and white dangle earrings made with chip beads

Amethyst Clusters:

I hope you are inspired by these ideas. If you create anything with them, we’d all love to see! Please share your work in my new Facebook Group, Keepsake Crafts Create.

Watch the Seven Creative Ways To Use Chip Beads In Your Jewelry video at YouTube.

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3 thoughts on “Seven Creative Ways To Use Chip Beads In Your Jewelry

  1. Interesting how you’re able to exploit their irregularity to come up with designs that are symmetrical, or at least attractively balanced. Nice!

    1. Thank you! Doing a lot of beadweaving designs where it’s important that each bead is as consistently sized as possible got me thinking about the opposite, where the beads are purposely so very different. 🙂

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