Luminous Winter Snowflakes Candle Holder-Polymer Clay Tutorial

There’s something enchanting about snowflakes. They’re sparkling, glittery, delicate and ethereal.

Not that I care much for them when they’re piled several feet high on the ground!

luminous winter snowflakes cover

But individual snowflakes with their perfect radial symmetry always fascinate me.

Rather than icy cold snowflakes today we are giving them a warm glow.

By designing your snowflakes on a candle holder you get to enjoy them any time of year, in any climate!

going back inside

Personally, I prefer mine observed from the toasty comfort of my home. <g>

In the video I use Pardo Translucent, it is great, but can be a bit tricky to deal with.  Learn how to best manage this wonderfully clear clay with Ginger Davis Allman’s article on Conditioning Pardo Translucent.

Tools & Materials:

Patrons can download and print the snowflake template.

Enjoy the video, happy creating!

Watch the Luminous Winter Snowflakes Candle Holder-Polymer Clay Tutorial video at YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “Luminous Winter Snowflakes Candle Holder-Polymer Clay Tutorial

  1. LOL–“I was told there would be no math.” That’s an excellent tutorial, especially as I never knew there was such a thing as translucent polymer clay. Amazing.

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