Happy What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday, everyone!

Is it me, or do these Wednesdays keep coming around faster and faster?

2014 10 08 woyww sewing sweaters

Anyhow, just a quick peek at my desk today.  I’m sorting out pattern pieces for four different sweaters.

vogue 8691-knit-top-w-ruffles

You see, the pink fabric on the right is going to be the top right view of this sweater…


…which I first made last fall, and still love, btw.


But that pink fabric is also going to be the top contrast on this top…


…which I also made last fall.

That second to right fabric is actually an eggplant purple, which is going to be the middle contrast on the above top. It’s also going to be a turtleneck from the McCalls pattern.

The black on the far left is going to be the bottom part of the pieced top, and the grey beside it will be the cowl neck sweater in the McCalls pattern.

Didja follow all that? Ha!

So you can see why I had to take a little time to lay out which pattern pieces are going to be cut out of what.

Tomorrow I will boldly start cutting and hope I didn’t mess up. Otherwise there will be redesigning. 😀

I hope you’re having a wonderful week. If you want to see what’s on the desks of other crafty (in a good way) people, check out our weekly blog link party over at Julia’s.

Happy creating!



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25 thoughts on “WOYWW – Sewing Fall Sweaters

  1. Congrats on being able to follow a pattern I know the idea of how to work them but have never used one I just cut the fabric and hop for the best … doesn’t always work and nothing is ever perfect but at least it’s fun trying 🙂 Happy WOYWW hugs Nikki No #yet

    1. Yup, it’s always fun trying! 🙂 I’ve been sewing since I could hold a needle, so a little bit of experience helps.

      Thanks for stopping by, Nikki!

  2. Wow, I love those tops – the shape is brilliant on you and I bet they’re so comfy! I really must start having a go at dressmaking…..
    HUgs, LLJ 20 xx

    1. Thanks, Jan. Yes, anything that hides the hips has got to help, right? 😉

      Btw, if you’re going to get started sewing, I wouldn’t recommend any of these patterns. None of them are particularly simple. Best find a “Learn to Sew” pattern.

  3. Hi Sandy, wow these sweaters are fabulous, it all takes time to get prepared so when you cut you’re confident…I like to be economical when I cut so there’s no waste…your ‘old’ ones look great..have fun, cheers RobynO#37

  4. I’m so envious of your ability to sew stretchy knit fabrics. Can’t wait to see these sweaters! Also, I love your kitty mug.

      1. I went back and looked at that–parts 1 and 2 are very helpful, but I didn’t see a link to part 3, which is what I really need.

          1. Hahahaha! I COMMENTED on it, too! A ballpoint needle and ZIGZAG stitch! Okay, I will try it. I love sweaters. Wish me luck! I am bookmarking your tutorial.

  5. They are super tops – really suit you. Hope the sewing goes well and you have a great week. Hugs, Chris # 23

  6. Yes, I did follow and I can see them in my mind’s eye. What a great pattern! (covers a multitude of sins as they say). You will show us next week the finished article, won’t you?
    Thanks for letting me peep over your shoulder.
    Have a good week.

    1. Well, it covers as many problem areas as possible, anyhow, lol. 😀

      I promised to show them all finished. It should be soon, as I’m going to be serging everything.

      Thanks for the visit, Lisca!

  7. I can’t sew, well that’s not true I can sew just not straight and not anything I’d ever attempt to wear! I think it’s awesome that you can and wow how cool!
    Angie #67

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