Sparkling Hearts Messy Wrapped Earrings 2

Sometimes it takes just a few simple materials and a basic technique to make something quite special. Orange isn’t my favorite color, but I love the look of these sparkling Swarovski Crystal Wild Hearts with their flashes of pink.

Sparkling Hearts Messy Wrapped Earrings

Simple “messy wraps” wire wrapping enhance the crystal charms without overwhelming them.

Watch the video and see how easy it is to make a pair for yourself. I even explain how to quickly make your own ear wires!

Happy creating. 🙂


  • 2 17mm Swarovski Crystal Wild Hearts pendants in color Astral Pink
  • 2 2-inch pieces 20 gauge wire
  • 2 12-inch pieces 22 or 24 gauge wire


  • chasing hammer
  • bench block or anvil
  • wire cutters
  • bail making pliers with 7mm mandrel
  • round nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers
  • file or cup burr
  1. Center a crystal heart on a 12-inch piece of wire. Wrap one wire end around top of bead and go back through bead hole. Pull snug but be careful not to crack your crystal. (If using finer gauge wire, you may be able to wrap through the heart a third time.)
  2. Cross wires above heart and bend each slightly with chain nose pliers so they are parallel.
  3. Treating the two wires as one, grasp with round nose pliers and make a loop. Hold the loop with chain nose pliers and messy wrap the remaining wires around the wire above the heart.
  4. Trim excess wires and tuck in ends, filing sharp ends if necessary. Repeat to make second wire wrapped heart crystal.
  5. To make ear wires grasp end of 2-inch wire with round nose pliers and make a small loop.  Repeat on other 2-inch wire.
  6. Holding both loops together and treating both wires as one, place them on the 7mm section of the bail making pliers, loops facing away from 7mm section. Close pliers to hold and wrap wires around until they almost touch the loops. Remove wires from pliers and adjust shape with your fingers as desired. Use chain nose pliers to make a small bend 1/4-inch from each end.
  7. Use a cup burr or file to smooth the wire ends of ear wires.
  8. Use chain nose pliers to open each ear wire loop and insert a wire wrapped crystal heart. Close loops securely and enjoy your new earrings!
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