Green Peridot Wire Wrapped Earrings

These sweet little peridot beads are given center stage by being wire wrapped onto earring frames.  A simple central bead dangle in a darker green shade adds interest and contrast.

In the video, I’ll show you how to wire wrap the beads to a frame, and how to make your own simple headpin out of wire.

(To my blog readers who requested non voice over videos, I did just a few of these in advance. I promise to do future videos in real time!) 

Happy creating 🙂


  • 2 1.5-inch x 3/4-inch teardrop shaped earring frames
  • 2 ear wires
  • 22 4mm x 2mm peridot beads
  • 20 gauge sterling silver filled wire, dead soft or half hard
  • 24 gauge sterling silver filled wire, dead soft
  • 2 5mm round beads
  • 4 2mm round sterling silver spacer beads


  • wire cutters
  • chain nose pliers
  • round nose pliers

See video for detailed instructions.

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3 thoughts on “Green Peridot Wire Wrapped Earrings Video Tutorial

    1. Thanks, Robin.

      The music is a royalty free piece called “Porch Swing Days – faster.” I couldn’t find any artist credited.

      1. Okay, it’s cute, as are the earrings. It strikes me that these need a big floppy hat over them when you go to the open-air folk concert. What do you think? 😀

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