I have been having a blast working Tim Holtz’s 12 of Christmas techniques (mostly) into scrapbook pages.  However, I realized yesterday that I’m going to run out of photos.  Not that I’m anywhere near caught up in my scrapbooking!  That particular endeavor started in 1998 when my kids were 8 and 10.  The albums go from 1998 through to early 2007 when my oldest son graduated from Marine Corps boot camp.  (If you click on the “Scrapbooking” tab above, you can see those layouts.)

Not too long ago I decided I really wanted to do the baby pictures.  So I scanned, edited and printed out the best photos from 1988, when my oldest was born.  (Sadly, even the best aren’t very good.  Wish I knew then what I know now about photography.  Not that I know a lot now, lol.)  Here’s one of my favorite layouts from the baby pages.

first-mothers-day scrapbook page right

(Am I the only one who goes into a time warp when looking through those old photos?  It feels like waking up from a very long dream when I realize that that baby is now 23 and has a 3 year old of his own.  Yikes.)  As a proud grandma, I have to show you a picture:.


Isn’t she adorable?  Of course, I would think so.  🙂

So, back to organizing the photos.  I hauled out all the photos I have printed and went through them.  Besides the rest of 1988 I’ve got:

  • Valentine’s Day 2007
  • Younger son’s 17th birthday (February 2007)
  • September 2007 trip to Maine
  • A single pic (given to me by someone at the party) of Gary & I, Thanksgiving 2007
  • Newborn pics of my granddaughter (August 2008)
  • Random photos with no dates of my granddaughter’s first year-ish
  • Photos from a 2009 trip to New Mexico
  • Pics carefully selected and printed for a 2010 year in review scrapbook layout; never done.
  • Random photos from my granddaughter’s life, 2011 edition.

Yes, random is the operative word.  My little brain that really, really wants to be organized chronologically is going to implode.

However, the 12 Tags of Christmas stops for no one.  I have time tonight, Tag Five is next on my list, so I’m going to do Valentine’s Day 2007, chronology be hanged.  So there.

Check back tomorrow (before the Patriots game!) and see how I did.  Ha.

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3 thoughts on “Organizing My Photos – Inspired by Tim Holtz’s Day 5 of the 12 Tags of Christmas

    1. Perhaps I should have worded it better. I’m running out of printed photos that my ridiculously chronologically ordered brain can grasp. I did make myself work on Valentine’s 2007 last night, but it was a struggle.

      Fortunately I picked up more Christmas 1988 prints today. You’ll be astounded at the big hair, lol.

      My digital photos from 2007- present total nearly 2000. ====starting to hyperventilate=======

      I promise you, Robin, if I ever run out of personal photos to scrapbook, I will start scrapbooking your pics. You can count on that to happen somewhere around the first of never.

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