Last week I mentioned that I needed to do a total reorganization of some areas of my crafting/sewing room.  It’s been going well.  I’ve rediscovered lots of goodies I’d forgotten about and have given away or tossed many items that I’ll never use.  I’ll share pictures of the final results soon.

In the meantime I thought you might like this tip that I’ve finally implemented for my interfacing drawer.  I have to admit, it was a disgrace.

Here’s the tip:

Use a section of the direction sheet to make a pocket for each type of interfacing and fusible product on hand.


I took approximately 18″ sections, folded them in half and stitched along both sides.  Make sure to use a long stitch length so you don’t perforate the paper too much.  Also, don’t backstitch to secure the ends, but leave long thread tails and tie each pair into a knot.


Now not only do you have the directions on hand for each product, but you’ll know exactly what each one is.  This is also great for keeping scraps neatly corralled.

I had several interfacings without direction sheets, so I made pockets from scrap fabric.  Remember that t-shirt quilt I’ve been working on?  I used one of the backs that was going to be thrown away to make three pockets.  These I labeled with a sharpie with my best guess as to the product. Next time I shop for interfacings, I’ll be sure to keep a section of the directions.


I do loved getting organized!

Happy creating and organizing.

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1 thought on “Tip For Organizing Interfacings and Fusibles

  1. That’s a great idea! Now I need to FIND my interfacings and fusibles. I know they’re here somewhere. . . .

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