Do You Need A Bracelet Mandrel For Jewelry Making?

In whatever kinds of things you make or materials you work in, there is always a huge assortment of tools to choose from.

There are basic tools, specialized tools, cheap tools, expensive tools, tools you don’t need, and tools you can’t live without.

Many of us who are makers are also tool junkies.

I find it so fun and satisfying to discover a new tool and find all sorts of creative ways to use it!

In today’s video you will learn about bracelet mandrels, one of those tools that isn’t in the basic tool kit, but can be very handy for the jewelry maker.

Here are links to things mentioned in the video:

Thank you to Beebeecraft for sending along the mandrels for me to try out.

In case the math I mentioned went by too quickly:

  • If you know the diameter of your circle (measurement across) you can find the circumference by multiplying by π (3.14).
  • If you know the circumference of your circle (the measurement around, like a bracelet measurement) you can find the diameter by dividing by π (3.14).

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Which Bracelet Mandrel Do You Need For Jewelry Making? video at YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Need A Bracelet Mandrel For Jewelry Making?

  1. Thanks, Sandy, for an interesting topic. In my 40 years as a jeweler, I have only used an old wooden bat on which to form my bracelets. Having an anvil with a stake at one end helps with producing a more oval shape (all used with my rawhide mallet).

    1. Thank you for sharing this, Judy. Although I do love cool tools, I also love finding creative ways to use everyday objects in our work. A baseball bat… what a great idea!

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