This week’s polymer clay dragon sculpture is another project derived from a class at Polymer Clay Adventure, this time taught by Chris Kapono.

dragon #45 Wilbert (1)

The colors in the photos don’t show quite true. In my tile the left side is a rich, deep burgundy red and the right side is a royal purple.

Click on any of the photos for a closer look.

chris kapono's PCA tile

Chris taught us how to make a suncatcher on a glass tile. The above tile is the one she made while teaching the class. Chris Kapono’s work can be found under the name Mandarin Moon, and I’ve loved her style ever since I first saw it.  You can find other examples of her work on Pinterest and in her Etsy shop. She also sells some supplies and destash in another Etsy shop.

dragon #45 Wilbert (2)

Her class was so thorough and well-explained. It was a lot of fun adding all the little details: the swirls, leaves, textures & shapes are all simple, but the combination of every thing together is wonderful. I especially like the little acorns and the pea pod shaped things.dragon #45 Wilbert (5)

I used my garlic bag mesh to texture the acorn caps and to add scales to the dragon.

The clay is cut out from behind the glass “gems” which allows the sunlight to pass through. I’m going to enjoy having this dragon in the window of my studio.

dragon #45 Wilbert (4)

If you’d like to see my other dragon creations so far, I’ve made a Thursday’s Dragon Pinterest board just for them.


dragon #45 Wilbert (3)

Check out this post on Errol, dragon #1, for the details on why I am making a dragon every week in 2015.


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