A few weeks ago I mentioned yet another top I made from a pattern I copied from a purchased garment.  This is version number five of this top, there’s something about the way it hangs and fits; it’s just perfect.


Here’s the before pic. The yoke is made from linen, but seemed kinda plain, hence the beading.


I took my design cue from the print fabric and did circles.  It was simply a matter of finding round things to trace and then filling in with beads.

Doubled silk thread should be plenty strong.  I hope. My only concern is that the sharp edges of the bugle beads will eventually cut through the threads.  Maybe I’ll do the first few washes in a lingerie bag, just in case.  (Do you hear me saying I’ll wash it by hand?  No way, lol.)  Any suggestions?


This didn’t take very long, about an hour to do all five circles, and would be a great way to dress up any garment, handmade or purchased, that needs a little something extra. 🙂

Happy creating!

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7 thoughts on “How To Add Some Pizzazz To a Boring Garment

  1. Wow! That only took you an hour? It looks terrific! Yes, I’d think it would wash okay in a lingerie bag. My other concern would be ironing the linen. How do you iron over beads?

        1. Good point about the towel. I washed & ironed it yesterday. The ironing from the back got rid of most of the wrinkles and a couple touch ups from the front took care of the rest. I think the fact that the yoke is interfaced helps.

          The beads are all glass or gemstones so, no, the heat of an iron won’t melt them.

  2. I have a top with beads and I iron them with a damp cloth on the reverse side and it works a treat, like the old fashioned ironing on black without the shine, use a damp cloth, linen is best for this not towel. Gosh I hate ironing and here I am giving advice LOL I do love the top it certainly has made a huge difference.

    Hugs Eliza

    1. Thanks, Eliza, that’s good to keep in mind. Yes, I rarely iron if I can help it. The most my clothes see an iron is while I’m sewing them. 🙂

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