Are Cheap Jewelry Tools Worth Your Money?  Jewelry Tool Kit Review

One thing I’ve learned over years of creativity of various sorts is that you should always get the best quality tools you can afford.

It really is true that cheap tools will cost you more in the long run.

They cost you in time and aggravation, often making your work less efficient and less enjoyable.

Not that I’m able to buy all high end tools! 

But I do keep those principles in mind and don’t always automatically go for the least expensive item.

So I was curious to see just what you get in terms of quality in this $34.99 Ring Making Tool Kit from BeeBeeCraft.

In the video I’ll go over all five tools in the kit and compare them with ones I already own.

Here are links to the other products I mention in the video:

Also, here’s a great video by Andrew Berry talking about different types of and uses for ring clamps.

Many thanks to Beebeecraft for sending along the kit for me to review. Although I received the product for free, I will always give you my unbiased, honest opinions.

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Ring Making Tool Kit Jewelry Tools Review-Friday Findings video at YouTube. 

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2 thoughts on “Are Cheap Jewelry Tools Worth Your Money? Jewelry Tool Kit Review

  1. I’m always interested in your reviews because they’re so frank. It’s just a maxim that if you care about whatever it is you’re making, you need the best tools you can find.

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