Sculpt Boxes by Pixies-Friday Findings Review

Subscription boxes are SO popular right now!  I think there must be one for just about every interest.

Since I’m a creative person, my favorite types of monthly boxes are those that contain supplies or kits for new projects.

ff sculpt box review cover

Which is why I was so excited to receive one of Apryl Jensen’s new Sculpt Boxes to review!

You’ll find Apryl on YouTube under the name Aprylian.  She shares polymer clay sculpting tutorials, mostly of her lovely fairy art dolls.

In this video I’ll show you everything you get in the Sculpt Box, discuss what I liked and what I thought could be improved and talk a bit about making a doll with this kit.

Here’s the doll I made:

my flower pixie

I’m not thrilled with him, but, as I mention in the video, I was a little rushed and didn’t have my own clear vision for the outcome.  Also, there were quite a few mistakes made. Ugh. However, it’s a project I plan to revisit!

If you’re a beginning figure sculptor and would like to learn more about building an armature, sculpting faces & hands and get new ideas for costuming an art doll, you may enjoy Sculpt Box sculpting kits

The flower pixies kit was the first Sculpt Box, for September 2018. There’s also one for October 2018, a fun creepy-cute pumpkin character.

oct 18 sculpt box pumpkin

If you’d like to try out Sculpt Boxes, Apryl has generously provided a coupon for 10% off: 10OFFBOX.

Enjoy the review, happy creating!

Watch the Sculpt Boxes by Review-Flower Pixie-Friday Findings video at YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “Sculpt Boxes by Pixies-Friday Findings Review

  1. Hey, I like your little guy. That’s especially nice work on the hands–I’ve done a few with paper clay, and it’s hard!

    1. No, it’s not easy! I really want to get better at sculpting figures, but I always find it so frustrating to work on them.

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