Friday Findings-Making Design Stencils/Shape Templates

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Have you noticed all of the creative shape templates available out there? (This Pinterest search shows what I’m talking about.) If so, have you had a chance to try any of them out?

I have been noticing them, and I’ve been really intrigued by all the different things that people can do with them. Sometimes I find myself in a bit of a rut when it comes to shapes, so these can be very inspiring and helpful.

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Above is an example of how the nested shapes can be used to create a piece of polymer clay jewelry.


This quick little video shows just one way you can use these tools.

When I went to price out some of these wonderful templates (there were at least a dozen that I wanted!) I found they were a bit out of my budget. I am certain they are worth every penny, with their nice thick template plastic and smooth edges, there are many techniques you can do with them. But…

Since I mostly wanted to use them for design I came up with a way of making my own. In today’s video I’ll show you how to use a heat tool to cut out your own stencils and design templates in any shapes and sizes you want.

Below I also have a link to several pages of free shape templates available on the Internet. I’m sure you can find more, or you can design shapes yourself on the computer.

Tools & Materials:

Happy creating and designing!

Watch the Friday Findings-Making Design Stencils/Shape Templates video at YouTube.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Findings-Making Design Stencils/Shape Templates

  1. Gosh, when you’re making your own designs and your own jewelry, I imagine it would be very satisfying to make your own templates as well. Nice!

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