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Welcome back to week four in our five week Christmas charm series. This week’s little Christmas tree is made in kind of a different way, but it’s fun technique that can be applied to many different things.

As I mention briefly in the video, it’s important not to fuss too much with the pieces. I found myself doing that as I was developing this and the shapes never came out better than just doing one pass with the tool for each step of the process.

The two balls tools used can be found in this set: Sculpey Style and Detail Tools

Here are some of the beads I used for these trees:

The types and sizes of beads you use make a big difference in the final size of your charm. You could make a few larger discs and use bigger beads and end up with a nice pendant for a necklace. Have fun experimenting and trying your own variations!

There are so many possibilities with these little components. I have lots of ideas for in the future: making them textured on both sides, graduate the sizes, make ombré colors, then string them in stacks to make necklaces or bracelets.

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

You can watch the Christmas Trees-Christmas Charms Week 4-Polymer Clay Video Tutorial over at YouTube.

Here are links to the previous videos in the series:

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1 thought on “Christmas Trees-Christmas Charms Week 4-Polymer Clay Video Tutorial

  1. Oh, these are adorable. You come up with the best ideas! I love the 3-D ornament in the sidebar, too. After all this, I want to see your Christmas tree!

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