Happy What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday everyone!

2015 07 15 woyww soldering samples

On my work desk today you will see I have been having a lot of fun playing with soldering. As I’ve mentioned before, Kate Richbourg is an excellent teacher of metalsmithing. In her book, Simple Soldering, she has you make 1-inch square tiles of copper sheet on which you try different techniques. This is your metal “sampler,” so to speak.

2015 07 15 woyww copper samples

So I spent quite a bit of time learning soldering techniques as I worked through these tiles. You might recognize the flower as one from Tim Holtz’s Tattered Florals Die.

I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I softened the metal by heating it in the flame, cooled it and then ran it through my Big Shot die cutting machine. Surprisingly, the Big Shot was able to cut through the 24 gauge sheet. (I was really hoping it would not break my machine!)

2015 07 15 woyww balled headpins

It was also fun learning how easy it is to ball up fine silver wire and make my own head pins.

And now, in other news:

Just to let you know, this week is going to be the last time I participate in What’s on Your Work Desk Wednesday.

I’ve been working very hard the past few years to build my little crafting business and, praise the Lord,  I’ve finally found a measure of success.

However, with this success also comes a need to rearrange my priorities, and I found I needed to eliminate some things. Things that, although I enjoyed them, weren’t really adding to building my business.

I mentioned a while back that I stopped doing the Tim Holtz tag challenge. And sadly, now I really do need to stop the weekly WOYWW posts.

I will continue to follow many of your blogs and I hope to find time to check in occasionally.

If you’d like to keep up with my crafting crafty doings you can on:

I wish you all the best in your crafty endeavors, it’s been fun. Thanks so much to Julia for her wonderful shepherding of this fascinating endeavor.

P.S. Several of you expressed interest in my review of the bead spinner. Well, I now have two to review, and that will likely end up on my YouTube channel. Just so you know. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “WOYWW-Soldering Copper Samples

  1. Those soldering pieces are beautiful. Are those the ones you made or are they the examples?
    Sad to hear you’re leaving WOYWW, but I totally understand you rearranging your priorities. All the best wishes go your way and I also wish you success at your business venture.
    Have a great week,

  2. Oh, I love the copper! Can’t wait to see what you make with the soldering techniques.

    Congrats also on your new direction. Wishing you all the success in the world!

    1. I don’t plan to do full-blown metalsmithing. I just wanted to be able to solder the occasional jump ring, make my own ball head pins and sometimes anneal pieces so they can be worked some more.

      Although, the die cutting metal has possibilities…. 😀

  3. Your tiles look lovely. How brave you were to put the metal through your machine ….
    Many Congratulations and the very best of luck in your new business venture. Barb #27

  4. I love seeing your projects this week. Best of luck and light in your crafty business, as you will certainly be missed here. I am going right over to follow you on Youtube…I do love my Youtube, so I’m happy I can still see your work. Hugs and love. Sandy Leigh #42

  5. Hi Sandy, sorry to hear you are going to have to cull your WOYWW posts, but totally understand it, I pray every blessing of the LORD upon your little crafty business ..

    Found your post really interesting, thanks so very much for sharing ..
    Am totally ignorant when it comes to metal so it looks really great to me!! 🙂
    Shaz in Oz.x #19

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