Happy What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday everyone!

2015 05 27 woyww making cards

On this week’s desk are some supplies of mine you haven’t seen in a while: card making stuff! I’ve been so busy with other things that it’s fallen by the wayside. Only so many hours in a day and all that.

In fact, a few months back I decided to give up trying to keep up with the Tim Holtz monthly tags. I felt a little sad, but it has been one less stress every month.

But, just for today I’m going to play with technique ideas I’ve been storing up and make a dozen or so cards.

Whatever you’re doing, may you have happy creating!

To see what’s happening on the desks of many other crafty and creative people, go to What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday.  Cuz it’s Wednesday and that’s what we do.

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18 thoughts on “WOYWW-Making Cards

  1. It’s not only you who no longer keeps up with Tim’s tags! your desk is looking very productive today though, have fun! Helen #9

  2. Lots of stuff going on on your desk! Crafting should be fun, not stressful. Good for you to give that one up (however nice it is to do the TH tags).
    I’m still travelling but managed to have internet today so I’m visiting as many of you as I can. Happy anniversary all! Six years is quite a long time.
    Have a good week and CU Wednesday

    1. Thanks, Lisca! Yes, I’ve found the need to narrow my focus. It’s quite freeing, actually, to say no to some things. 🙂

  3. Oh, I can’t wait to see your new cards! The ones I bought from you have been a big hit with everybody.

  4. hello, newbie here lol, love your desk, I am quite new to die cutting as well, im more of an alter girl, but I keep buying dies in the hope that something will inspire me to jump up and use them, Thanks for the snoop on your workspace
    Jac x

  5. Oh Sandy, a dozen or so in a day? What on earth am I doing wrong?!! Its funny isn’t it, I’ve not committed myself to anything monthly for a long time now..I found that forgiving myself for being behind all the time was a stressy ridiculous habit! I seriously love the summer bracelet….

    1. Haha, Julia, that was my hope. I managed to actually finish only one. But three more are nearly there. We’ll see!

  6. What kind of diecut machine do you have? I don’t think I’ve seen that one before. I do Tag Tuesday, and I’ve been terrible at posting on there lately–ugh! So I know what you mean. Happy WOYWW 6th Anniversary! Sandy Leigh #52

  7. It’s good to stop by on this special Wednesday. And of course, I am always interested in your beautiful cards, especially since I’m not much of a card maker.

    Happy, happy 6th WOYWW anniversary from #1.

  8. I decided to do the TH tags this year… The May tag got me realizing the style is really not my cup of tea, but I’m going to finish the job since I’m half way. Worst is not using tags for anything. Wishing you a creative seventh woyww year 🙂
    Kristiina #6

    1. HI Kristiina. I know what you mean about wondering what to do with the tags. I often use the techniques to make cards rather than tags. Either that, or stick a tag onto a 5″x7″ card along with a sentiment and call it done. 🙂

  9. Hi Sandy, how many of the dozen or so cards did you make yesterday, I wonder! If I make two cards in a day I’m on a roll 🙂 I’ve given up pushing myself to make more – crafting is supposed to be a stress-buster so I just make whatever my mood dictates and let the rest go. Hope you had a great time trying out those techniques 🙂 Belated Happy WOYWW 6 – I’m slowly but surely visiting everyone still. Hugs, Elizabeth x #54

    1. Ah, Elizabeth, you’re onto me. Yes, my ambition was bigger than the time allowed. I got four done and was rather miserably pushing myself to do more when I stopped and wondered why I was stressing over something that did NOT need to be done?

      Then I put away my four cards and the supplies and moved on to more important stuff. Much happier and more relaxed. 🙂

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