Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Here we are, only two weeks from Christmas, are you ready?


Some things to note on my desk today:

  1. The readers in the upper left. They’re becoming more & more of a necessity. ===sigh===
  2. All the lovely little wrapped & labeled packages in the upper right.   I bought this Pillow Box die for packaging my jewelry and am very happy with it. All that’s left of presents buying is for hubby & sons now.
  3. The new Wooden Pliers Rack. It holds more tools and is much more stable than the little plastic one.
  4. In the bottom left is a new toy I’ve been playing with.  Well, it isn’t exactly new… I bought it last February, but I did just take it out of the package. It’s the Artistic Wire, Coiling Gizmo, Econo Winder. (If you’re thinking about getting one, the Deluxe version is actually $3 less on Amazon. Go figure.)

What this little gadget does is let you quickly make nice, even wire coils. Don’t know why I didn’t open it sooner!


I wanted to do that because I was making this toggle clasp from a Craftsy class I’ve been taking.


I’m loving this class as she is teaching us how to make all kinds of interesting jump rings, head pins, ear wires & clasps.  There’s something so empowering about making these findings yourself, instead of being limited by what you can find at the store.


After I made the clasp, I decided to make these coiled coil beads to go with it.  Aren’t they fun?  Now I just have to make up my mind on how to patinate the copper.  What do you think, green verdigris or darkened?


Wondering why I posted a pic of my messy workdesk?  It’s What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  On this day every week we explore the creative workspaces of other folks from all over the planet. Get the details and join us over at Julia’s, it’s fun!

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15 thoughts on “WOYWW – Coiled Wire Beads & Jewelry

  1. In answer to your first question – NO!! Love your desk, and your tools of the trade. Have a good week. Can we slow down time for a bit please?! Helen 24

  2. I love the copper beads untreated, is that an option?! Have to smile, I’m like you with new gadgets…. Unused until I HAVE to try, then regret what I’ve missed! Your packaging looks lovely.

    1. Untreated is an option, Julia. Of course, given enough time, they darken and patina all on their own. But I’m not thrilled with the shiny and am not patient enough to wait. 🙂

  3. ooooh love those coiled wire beads, they look really cool :o) I haven’t done a single thing for Christmas yet – and feeling strangely calm so far … Happy WOYWW! Annie #60

  4. Wow! I love the coils! Now, you’re going to have to show us examples of the green verdigris and darkened before I can tell you which I prefer. 😀

  5. Ha my DD has one of those wire Gizmos and loves it to bits, she has been using hers for about 10 years and still keeps going back to it. Love the bracelet, try using patina from the jewelry suppliers you can get it in many different colors, that will change the copper easily.

    Happy crafting.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 66
    Happy WOYWW

  6. Your jewelry is so amazing! Love the bracelet especially and the use of cooper! I have never made jewelry so I am always fascinated by those who make sure lovely pieces. I am going to look for that pillow box die, as currently I hand cut mine from a template! Winnie#58

  7. Isn’t that the greatest gizmo ever?! Need to use my wire coiler Gizmo more often. Fab coiled beads, haven’t tried those yet. Love the clasp! WOYWW hugs! Nan G #69

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