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Today’s desk shows me working on another project from  Wire-Wrapped Stones Crystals and Clusters, a Craftsy class I bought a while back.

There’s the latest issue of Polymer Cafe.  I’m not really into Santa, and I think this one is especially creepy, but she does show a fantastic method for making polymer clay eyes that look like glass.  It’s on my list of things to try.

Those flower dies having been hanging around for a while, I’m sure I’ll get to using them at some point.

bead cluster earrings

These are the earrings, all done.

If you decide to take this class and make these earrings, here’s  a tip for you.  Each earring contains 63 small stones that are strung onto a wire before being wrapped on the hoop.  Aga (the instructor) suggests you lay out your two rows of stones on a bead mat so the pattern will be the same on both earrings.

This is an excellent suggestion if you are NOT an uncoordinated person.  If you can be certain your fingers will NOT catch the bead mat (TWICE!) and send all your neatly arranged beads flying, then, by all means, do it this way.

If, however, you’d like to avoid that sort of pain, aggravation (and near cussing) I’d suggest you do it a different way.  Instead, just string both your wires at the same time.  Have all your beads in a pile, pull out a few matching pairs at a time and string them so each wire has the same pattern.

After finishing these though, I had to wonder, does it really matter if they match?  Maybe if you were doing fewer, larger beads, yes, but not with these teeny tiny ones.

bead cluster earrings

Anyhow,  they’re done and I LOVE the colors.  There’s only one more project in this class I need to do.  Then I guess I’ll just have to take another one.  🙂

Btw, Craftsy just let me know they are having a flash sale this Friday, October 25th, so if there was a class you were thinking about taking, that would be a good time to sign up.


Don’t forget that they always have lots of free classes as well.  I’ve taken several and enjoyed them all.

So, that’s what’s on my desk this Wednesday.  Interested in what other creative people are up to?  Check out the link party over at Julia’s. It’s always fun and inspiring.

Happy creating!

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19 thoughts on “WOYWW – Bead Cluster Earrings

    1. I know what you mean, Shaz. That’s one thing I love about these classes, I can watch just a little bit whenever I want, rather than have to conform to someone else’s schedule.

  1. Hahahahah! Well, that’s where we part company. I love Santas, creepy, dopey or sweet, and have inadvertently collected many over the years. But I also love your earrings. I still want to see you model some of these!

  2. Those earrings are just stunning! I love,love, love them! I know just what you mean about the Santa: he is very creepy indeed and as for his eyes, well! Still it might be nice to know how to do those eyes for something else maybe. Thanks for the earlier visit and your kind words. Julie Ann xx #28

  3. I love the earrings, what a great result..and I’m with you on the logic of threading each simultaneously…I don’t bead…one of the reasons is my clumsiness! have I said before how much your little anvil pleases me?!

  4. Hello Sandy thanks for visiting,, I love the wallet with the beads, all those beads, well I have been plying with them as you saw, buuuuuuut, it kills my hands, I love jewelry and would make my own if my hands would let me, I love the earrings you made they are gorgeous, and lovely die cuts, no machine for me so I usually try to make them by hand, it’s been wonderful snooping around, have a lovely weekend.. Dianne #76

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