Just finished these three little guys.


I’ll be adding them to my Etsy shop soon, but in the  meantime I have a question for you.


Which wings/feathers do you like better?


After doing the red/gold and the blue/green dragons, I was thinking that the feathers were too chunky, so decided make thinner feathers and use more.  After doing that on the purple dragon I’m not sure but that I like the first version best?


Thoughts?  Opinions?  Critiques?

For more photos you can check out the listings, blue/green dragon, red/gold dragon, purple/silver dragon.

Now I’m off to make an emerald green dragon.

Happy creating!

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2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Dragon Pendants

  1. Oh, those are great! The jewels are a nice touch and the colors are gorgeous. I particularly like the chest scales on the green one. I can’t decide about the feathers–I think I like the purple best, but I’m not sure.

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