Hey all!  I hope you’re having a great weekend.  We got yet more snow today, but at least a lot of the white stuff from last weekend’s blizzard had already melted.

I spent the afternoon working on a little project for you guys.

Do you remember this project?

topsy turvy doll awake

Here’s the topsy turvy doll I wrote about in a four-part blog series back in 2010.

This has been a very popular project.  I’ve gotten pictures from several folks who have completed it.


Like these cuties, made by for Christmas last year by a very creative reader.  (I’m so sorry, but all my old emails are temporarily missing and I don’t have her name to give credit.)


She managed to get Mary, Joseph AND the angel all in one doll.  Move Joseph’s kerchief and you find Mary hiding back there.


Flip the whole doll over and you find the angel.


The little animals are held on with velcro so they can be taken off and played with.  So utterly adorable and cute!

Anyhow, back to my project for the day.  After fielding several questions about printing out the directions from the blog posts, it occurred to me that it’s likely a pain for anyone to have to print them out from the four different posts.  

So today I made them all into a single pdf, including the patterns.  I also took the opportunity to rewrite some of the directions, hopefully making them more clear.  🙂

Here’s where you can download the Topsy Turvy Doll Pattern and Directions.

I hope it makes life a little easier for you.  It’s a fun, though involved project.  I you do try it, please be sure to send me photos of your results!

Happy creating!

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5 thoughts on “Topsy Turvy Doll Pattern – Remixed

  1. Okay, Mary/Joseph/Angel/with detachable animals definitely gets points for creativity. I wondered at first why the bearded doll had a dress on. 😀 Very cute.

    1. Yeah, it was a head-scratcher at first, but I love how she managed to fit so much in. (I think doll was a request from a daughter or granddaughter.)

  2. I have an affection for raggedy ann type dolls and used to make them as a hobby. I have so many patterns tucked away, some of which I haven’t even used. I’ve never tackled a topsy turvy doll and don’t even think I have a pattern for one. She sure is cute. The Mary and Joseph doll is very creative.

    1. I’ve made several raggedy ann and andy dolls. I’ve made LOTS of dolls over the years and used to have them all over my sewing room. Some time ago I got tired of dusting them all and put ’em away. Now I make polymer clay dustables. 🙂

  3. Thank you for taking the time to share this, I have been looking for a pattern for a while and had drawn one up, Making the arms separate from the torso looks like a better idea. My grandmother used to make them for church bazaars, sadly I never got one. I will have to try this out!

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