Even though I don’t have anything too exciting on my workdesk today, I didn’t want to miss out on the final WOYWW of the year!


Really there’s just a lot of post-Christmas debris, you know:  leftover gift labels & cards, tape, pens, tissue paper and such.

In the bowl is my MP3 player which I gave to my son last night to repair and he managed to finish off completely, lol.  Ah well, I may use the parts for some steampunk art or something.

My serger is on the table because after trying for months to get a new thread guide ordered from the manufacturer, I finally just had my brother-in-law weld it for me.  Yay, Dave.  Woot!

I’m a little annoyed with the guys at the sewing machine repair shop (they’re the reason I’ve been months without my serger) so I’m going to try to get the part adjusted to the correct angle by myself, rather than bring it to them.  (That I am post-Christmas “broke” is a contributing factor, as well.)

You can also see that I’ve been taking apart the purple coat in preparation for cutting a new pattern out of the pieces.  The coat itself has come apart quite easily, but the lining is serged, so that’s been a bit more work.

Oh, and the jury is no longer out on which Peanut Butter Bon-Bon recipe is best.  My grandmother’s wins, hands down.

The recipe I gave here is way too sweet, in my opinion.  It also doesn’t have enough peanut butter flavor.   Finally, while the pretzel does make it easier to dip the bon-bons into the melted chocolate, the pretzels get stale quite quickly.

So, just in time for your New Year’s celebration, here is my grandmother’s recipe.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bon-Bons

3 cups peanut butter (crunchy or smooth, your choice)
1 box confectioner’s sugar (3.5 cups)
3.5 cups Rice Krispies
1 stick butter
2 – 14 oz. bags chocolate chips (Have you noticed that they now come in 12 oz. bags? Betcha they were 16 oz. bags before that. Huh.) Anyhow, it’s about 2 cups of chips per bag.
3 T. vegetable oil

Melt butter, stir in sugar. Mix in peanut butter and Rice Krispies until combined.
Roll into bite size balls, refrigerate until cold.

Melt chocolate chips with oil in double boiler. Use two forks to roll cold peanut butter balls in melted chocolate. Place bon-bons on waxed paper lined baking sheets. Chill in fridge until firm.

Try not to devour all at once. 🙂

Happy New Year!

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I posted a boring photo of my workdesk, go here to see LOTS of workdesks from around the world.  I’m sure many of them are far more interesting than mine.

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13 thoughts on “Final What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday of 2011

  1. I don’t think my desk is inspiring at all, lol unless you think messy as inspirational! And aren’t Grandmas recipes always the best? 🙂 Happy New Year from North Carolina!

  2. OMGoodness…those looked so good that my granddaughter, who was playing at my feet, climbed into my lap and keeps asking me if I have the recipe and can we make them. So…thanks for the recipe! Got to buy chocolate chips if I can find them here in Colombia but otherwise, I’d go make them right now! Happy! Happy! Merry! Merry!

    1. Well, like Judy said, make the second recipe (Grandmother’s) as they have more peanut butter taste. It’s a little more work to roll the whole ball in the chocolate, but oh, so worth it. 🙂

  3. The purple coat! Did you decide what pattern to use? I’m excited to see it remade. I didn’t know there was a bon bon recipe cook off. I didn’t even taste them but if one lacked peanut butter flavor then that one is no good.

    1. Hi Judy, I decided to use the Burda pattern. As I suspected, there was too much width on the bottom of the other pattern. I’ll save the other pattern for a day when I have eight yards of coat fabric. Yikes.

      Haha, the recipe cook off was entirely in my head. A careful reading and comparison of the ingredients would have told me to go with grandma’s in the first place. Happy woyww!

  4. I do not understand the serger…is it what I know as an overlocker? Your desk isn’t boring, you have stuff going on, mine is still covered in Christmas rubbish!

    1. Yup, a serger is also called an overlocker. They’re wonderful for finishing seams on fabrics that tend to ravel, or for a quick finish to lots of projects.

  5. Hi Sandy. Haven’t been over to see you for ages. Those bon bons look lush but I have eaten so much stuff the last few days I don’t dare make anything more but I will be back for it later.
    Bad news about your machine being out of action. I don’t have a serger but if any machine is out of action it is annoying!
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  6. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! I think your desk looks very industrious and interesting – love your machine although I am not sure what a serger is?? is it the make?? I am feeling very creative about sewing at the moment as I have the urge to finally make something with some ghastlies material I have – we shall see if I get around to doing it soon….. Hope you and yours have wonderful New Year.

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