Last week I told you all about the $10 bag of goodies I got from my local scrapbooking store which precipitated a major reorganization of my sewing & crafting room.

Three trips to Ikea later, I’m all done, and quite pleased with the results.

This gives you an idea of the before: 2011-10-05-before












Here’s the after:  (click to enlarge, click the square with an arrow to further enlarge)2011-10-05-whats-on-your-workdesk-wednesday

What do you think?

The bird house fabric is for a new ironing board cover, the old one is is getting kinda yucky.

The pattern is McCalls 6408 to be made out of the purple fabric, which is’s Hatchi Slub Sweater Knit.


Still debating whether or not to add the belt; definitely going to do the asymetrical hem, though.

The white boxes are the Ikea Kassett DVD boxes.  At two for $5 how can you go wrong?  They’re just cardboard, but the metal label plates, edges and corners on the lids make them look quite finished.  I ended up getting eight total, but am using just the lids of three as trays for smaller items.  I love this!  Just pull out the tray with what I need and get busy.

The four clear containers are from Ikea’s Godmorgon line (it actually comes with five, but one is in the cabinet with paint brushes.)  They can be found in the bathroom accessories department, but I thought they were perfect here.  I even used the box the Godmorgon set came in, stuck on a spare label plate from a box I wasn’t using and filed all my 4” x 6” paper pads in it.  Now I can actually find them and use them.  Woot!

I’m also thrilled to finally have my completed cards organized in one of the boxes. The card files are manila folders that I cut down to fit.


Happy sewing, organizing or whatever you’re doing this What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday!  (What is WOYWW?  Go here to find out, it always a fun time. )

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9 thoughts on “WOYWW – Been Organizing…

    1. Thanks, Vicky! I love that quilt, too. It’s from Stack ‘n’ Whack quilts and uses a Debbie Mumm print. I’ve only done the quilt top, someday I just might finish it.

      Thanks for stopping by and Happy Woyww!

  1. That is so much better – I love it when things are organised! That’s a great pattern for the jacket. I quite like the belt.
    Hugs, LLJ xx

    1. It really was organized before, it just looked messy. So far I’m quite happy with the new system.

      I’m not in the habit of wearing belts, but I’ve lost nearly 60 lbs in the past two years and am starting to have a waist again, so I just might go for it. ::::::grin::::::

      Happy woyww!

  2. Good time investment – looks like a preofessional desk! Ooh err! If you aren’t a fatty like me (and I know you aren’t) i thinkyou need one of each – one with and one without the belt. Any help?!!!!!

    1. Very helpful, Julia, and quite enabling. Guess I need to go buy another piece of sweater knit for the second one, lol. 😉

  3. Sandy you do look organized. I am still looking for my big green cutting mat.
    Lost it when I moved my room, just can’t imagine where it got to.
    Keep smiling and creating.

    1. I does seem like a rather large item to lose, doesn’t it? Things turn up in the strangest places, though. Thanks for stopping by!

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