This scrapbook layout is one I return to over and over.  As much as I admire the fluffy, frouffy, artsy pages that are so popular today, I find I’m more drawn to a clean, uncluttered look in my own scrabooks.  On this page you can fit one full size 4″ x 6″ photo with several mats, add three smaller pics cropped to 3.5″ square and still have plenty of room for journaling and embellishments.


One of the best pieces of journaling advice I ever got was to take your photos and pretend someone was looking at them with you.  What would you tell them about these pictures?

Write that.

In fact, I often say the words aloud (preferably with no one else home!) and then type out what I said.

Here’s your sketch.  Don’t forget that you can rotate it in any direction, even flip it upside down, for a different look.


The journaling from this page:

After Josh’s graduation he was free to go.  He had three week’s leave before he had to report to Camp LeJeune for Marine Combat Training. (Something we hope he’ll never have to use!)

The day before graduation, when he had some liberty, we thought to give him a treat and take him to a buffet on base.  We found out when we got there that they were serving the same stuff the guys got all the time!  So, on our way home we stopped for Pizza Hut . . . that was more like it.

As he never would let me teach him how to properly iron a shirt before, I found Josh’s newly acquired ironing skills to be quite “impressive.”



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3 thoughts on “Scrapbook Page and a Sketch

  1. Very nice! Yes, a clean, uncluttered look is far more appropriate for a boot-camp graduation scrapbook. But–the pics of son ironing? Should be blown up and hung framed on the wall.

    1. Haha, I wasn’t allowed anywhere near his uniform with an iron. The Marines taught him something, eh?

      I can hardly believe he’ll be out in four days. Lockheed and Boeing are calling. Too cool.

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