This floral wreath may look complicated, but the process is quite simple.  I thought it made a charming baby quilt.  The original pattern is by The Quilt Company and is called Summer Bouquet Wreath.

spring wreath baby quilt

To make the wreath, first choose a floral fabric that has areas with lots of flowers and areas that are just background.  A yard will be more than enough to make this wreath. Use your rotary cutter to cut it into 2.5″ strips, then cut in the other direction to make 2.5″ squares.  (Note:  If you can’t find a floral with lots of open areas of background, find 1/2 yard of fabric that matches the background in your print.)

Next, sort your squares into five piles:

  • all floral
  • all background
  • sparse floral
  • sparse background
  • 50% floral/50% background

Don’t over-think this step!  Just sort them quick, you can always change something later.

Next, lay out your squares like this:


  • white = all background
  • black = all floral
  • grey solid = sparse floral
  • checked = sparse background
  • stripes =50% floral/50% background

It’s helpful to do this on a flannel design wall.  Make sure to step back from your project, squinting at it and rearranging to get a nice shape.  Once you’re pleased with your design, carefully stitch the squares together, keeping them organized in rows.

Add borders as desired to frame your wreath.

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