Blue Iris & Crystal Point Earrings Jewelry Tutorial

Have you ever had too much of a jewelry supply you didn’t really care for? 

This project began because I found myself with a supply of far more copper split rings that I would ever want or need to use.

copper hoop earrings with blue iris dagger bead dangles and copper split ring spacers

The idea for using the split rings as spacers between beads started with seeing other designs that used wire coils as spacers in between beads. I really like the way the split rings slip and twist against each other, creating random movement.

silver filled hoop earrings with wire wrapped crystal point dangles

The crystal point earrings are a fun variation of this design. They’re quite similar, but actually use spacer beads in between the dangles.

If this project looks familiar, that’s because the crystal points earrings was a former patron-only bonus, just to give you a small taste of the extras my patrons get every month.

I love how the wire wrapping around the crystal shards has a kind of steampunk, industrial, sci-fi look. Or something like that… What would you call it?

Whatever you call it, I was really pleased with the final effect of this wrapping that leaves the interestingly jagged top edges of the beads exposed.

Tools and Materials:

For crystal points project:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Blue Iris & Crystal Point Earrings Jewelry Tutorial video at YouTube.

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