May 292018

I’ve enjoyed hand embroidery since I was a little girl of around eight or nine years old.

So when I first encountered the concept of doing those same stitches I had made with wool and floss, but instead using silk ribbon, I was intrigued

silk ribbon pendants 1 of 2 cover

This was about 20 years ago and I wasn’t into jewelry making then, but I sure did have fun embellishing lots of garments and home dec!

Then the kind folks at Thread Nanny contacted me and wanted to know if I would like to use some of their ribbons in my videos.

And so I took another look at the possibilities for silk ribbon, especially in jewelry as that is where my focus is these days. It was a lot of fun finding cute bezels and sketching out charming little scenes.

I especially delighted in adding beaded and embroidery floss embellishments.

Harlow hoop

By the way, here’s a secret I didn’t think to mention in the video: that blue oval hoop I use for embroidery? It’s the same one I used as a little girl!

In fact, it even has my maiden name engraved on it, lol.

I hope you give designing and creating your own little silk ribbon scenes a try, it’s fun, relaxing and very satisfying.

Be sure to watch for Part 2 of the tutorial, where I’ll show how to finish your embroidered pieces.

Tools and Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Silk Ribbon Jewelry-It’s Easier Than You Think! Simple Embroidery, Pretty Pendants, Tutorial Pt 1 of 2 video at YouTube.

Part 2 is up now: Watch the Silk Ribbon Jewelry-How To Create Darling Embroidery Pendants, Tutorial Pt 2 of 2 video at YouTube.

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