Arteza Polymer Clay 42 Colors DIY Set Review-Friday Findings

When Arteza contacted me asking if I’d like to review some of their products I was excited.

When I calculated the price of the clay set they were sending me I became less so.

ff arteza clay

This set of 42 colors of polymer clay with the container, a few tools and a package of jewelry findings works out to the equivalent of around $1.40 per 2 oz. block.

The price has gone up quite a bit since I recorded the video. It was $21.99 on their website at the time, but now is $29.99. The link at the beginning of the paragraph above  is for Amazon, which has a better price for you.

I don’t use Sculpey III in my work, as I find it too soft, but if you are looking for an inexpensive set of oven bake clay I recommend this set from Amazon instead:

In my mind the clay being this inexpensive did not bode well for the quality. Interestingly, the issues that I expected to find turned out to be not a problem, but there were other unexpected issues.

Watch the video for my review and opinions on this set.

Watch the Arteza Polymer Clay 42 Colors DIY Set Review-Friday Findings video at YouTube.

This product was provided to me for free for review purposes; however, Arteza has no control over my content and I was not paid for the review.  The opinions shared are my own honest views.

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2 thoughts on “Arteza Polymer Clay 42 Colors DIY Set Review-Friday Findings

  1. Very interesting review. First, it’s great that you have the experience with polymer clay to know what to look for in a new product. Your tests are thorough and enlightening–I like how you made sure to have controls. And your frankness is scorching. 😀

    Btw, you are correct about giving children quality materials to learn with. And you are doubly correct about the child’s sewing machine. Someone bought my oldest granddaughter one, and with this plastic guard around the needle, it was unusable. Got thrown away pretty quickly. :O

    Anyway, great tutorial.

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