Sep 012017

Have you tried bead weaving? If you have or if you’ve done any work at all with seed beads then you are probably aware that there are a whole variety of needles out there called “beading needles.

ff beading needles cover

In today’s video I show several of the most popular different types of beading needles, explain their pluses and minuses, similarities and differences AND you’ll get to see the disgraceful state of my own beading needles!

Here are links to the needles I showed in the video:

Below are tutorials for all of the bracelets I showed at the beginning of the video, along with a few other beading project just for fun!

Some of the designs are free online and some of the designers are charging a few dollars for their patterns. I can assure you the paid patterns are well worth it, as these designers put a lot of time, expertise and trial and error into working out these projects for you.

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the How to Choose the Right Needle for Bead Weaving & Seed Beads-Friday Findings Tutorial video at YouTube.

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  1. Now I will never be able to get “beating noodles” out of my head! Thanks for the laugh AND the tutorial. 😀

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