Tribal Thai Silver Dragonfly Necklace-Jewelry Tutorial

tribal dragonfly necklace cover

This necklace, like many of my jewelry projects, began with the supplies. Something reminded me of this tribal Thai silver dragonfly charm that I’ve had for a while and I pictured pairing it with other silver findings and some pretty pink beads. A search of my stash turned up these pink chips.

I had recently watched a YouTube video where the jewelry designer did this cascading beads design using jump rings. It’s one I’ve done before but haven’t in a while and I thought it would pair nicely with the dragonfly.

Such is the way designs are born!

Take the time this week to look in your stash for a forgotten charm or pendant that you could feature in a design.

Tools and Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Tribal Thai Silver Dragonfly Necklace-Jewelry Tutorial video at YouTube.

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6 thoughts on “Tribal Thai Silver Dragonfly Necklace-Jewelry Tutorial

  1. You must have a stash to die for! I’ve been on a dragonfly kick, too, but haven’t done anything this nice. 😀

  2. Hi Sandy, I have purchased several strands of chipped beads and didn’t know what to do with them exactly! Lol this helped so much ? Would love to see more ideas using chip beads ?
    I do support you on Patreon (a tiny bit)

    1. I appreciate your support on Patreon, Pam! Every little bit is fantastic. You aren’t the first person to ask for more ideas for using chips, so I’ll have to keep that in mind. Happy creating!

  3. This is a so lovely and poetic creation, the soft pink colors of the beads are so sweet with the dragonfly 🙂
    It’s a so nice idea to use a pendant to make a so tricky necklace: thank you Sandy!

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