It’s the end of the month, so time for another giveaway!

Every month TWO lucky winners will receive packages of handcrafted jewelry worth at least $100 each!

This month both winners will also receive a copy of the September/October 2015 issue of Polymer Café magazine in which yours truly has an article. 🙂

Watch the video below for details. Or watch the video on YouTube.

Please fill out the Rafflecopter area below for your chance to win.

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I’m doing the giveaway at my blog rather than at YouTube to protect YOU from scammers. Your info is protected here. 🙂

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49 thoughts on “Jewelry Giveaway-August 2015

  1. I actually am finishing up a braided ladder bracelet. It’s my first time trying one, so I hope it will turn out ok!

  2. I made some charms for my mini albums early this year but lately I have been gathering supplies to make your blended colors bead necklace which I loved.

  3. I am a subscriber to your channel and love the jewellery you make. I have learnt a lot from you – thank you. Hope to win 🙂

  4. I realy like you re video’s op YouTube.
    Im currently making a necklace for my friend.

    Thanx for the opertunity.

  5. I have all the supplies, just have not made th tine to create jewelry. I think I subscribe with my gmail addrees

  6. hi im a subscriber to ur channel i love jewelry making i try to make different pieces but i enjoy seeing ur work ur jewelry are beautiful

  7. I am currently working on a SuperDuo bracelet. I purchased the pattern on Etsy. Before that I made a bracelet using your blended color necklace idea. I’m happy with how it turned out, thank you for the video.

  8. I made memory wire bracelet,wire rapped bracelet and a set of earring. I love watching your videos they are inspiring and helpful

  9. I made memory wire bracelet,wire rapped bracelet and a set of earring. I love watching your videos they are inspiring and helpful. And now I want to try seed bead jewelry and necklace . Can you give any ideas for making kids jewelry

  10. I’m a polymer clay person, just love your videos – so helpful in so many ways. Thanks for all the effort on our behalf!

  11. I made a bunch of earrings! I love to watch your videos for inspiration. They are really slow and easy to follow! Thank you for taking the time to make really nice videos.

  12. This summer I created alot of earrings mostly chandelier earrings but Im looking to switch things up and focus on charms and bracelets

  13. I am working on a bracelet for my daughter. I’ve already made the Paddle earrings and Pink Sparkles earrings. LOVE them!Next I am going to try the crystal dangles and roses project.

  14. I’ve been making a lot of kumihimo…all sorts of bead and color combos…..want to get back to working with polymer clay as soon as the weather cools a bit (I live in AZ)

  15. Thank you for being you !!!!

    I love all your videos 🙂 I have some to catch up on as I didn’t have good internet over the summer. I made a necklace this summer and worked on my website for my jewelry. Now that I am back in my regular routine I will be making a lot of wonderful things with all the fabulous beads I bought over the summer.

    Have a wonderful day !!!

  16. I made several pendants and earrings. Plus 100’s of Heart charms for heart4heros and Gilda’s House cancer rehab center

  17. I have made serverl pairs of earrings, and bracelets to match. I really want to start work with clay and have a few ideas by watching you

  18. One of the things I made this summer used a brass and silver clad sheet and used my disc cutter to cut this into a circle. I textured this with my leather tools and domed it. I put a patina on it with midas. I drilled a hole in the top where I put a turquoise small bead and a handmade silver earwire. It was very pretty. The brass underside had the nicest effect.

  19. I have concentrated on making earrings and bracelets this summer. Seems necklaces do not send as well. I made several bracelets with cat’s eyes pearls and montees.

  20. I have been working on learning wire wrapping and Weaving. So far not great results but I am liking it.
    I also am glad I found your channel as I like that you don’t just work in one area of jewelry making and the tips are great too!

  21. Am working on charm bracelets using vintage buttons, charms, tiny strips of old fabric and filigree embellishments. I love your video’s!

  22. You showed me how to make a wire wrapped pendant. I made two, the first time I got to use my mother-in-law’s jewelry gift set for me. I was very thrilled when you inspired me to make something. I attached it to a necklace and a beaded band for my plant.

  23. I have been making jewelry for many years but am fairly new to polymer clay. The complex canes are beautiful and my goal is to become skilled in making creations from them. Thanks for your tutorials and the giveaways! Very generous of you to share with us.

  24. I love your tutorials they’re always so easy to understand and I would feel honored to receive some of your own jewelry. Thank you for the opportunity,

  25. I’ve been practicing my enameling on copper skills and having fun creating “imperfect” pieces. It seems like my “mistakes” have turned out quite interesting and whimsical.

  26. Oops! Looks like Rafflecopter closed out prematurely (I’m visiting 4 am Monday 31st). Better luck next time for this generous opportunity. This summer I’ve made some fun sea and tropical-themed earrings for myself, plus another pair (more formal) to go with an outfit for a wedding, as well as earrings and some pretty stretchy bracelets for a neighbor who has had some recent health issues. Made a few ‘Chan Luu’-style bracelets; planned several kumihimo projects but haven’t gotten there, yet. Added much to my bead stash; have yet to reap the potential. Trying to figure out what to do with superduos, 2-holed triangles, and other shaped beads. (Suggestions appreciated!) Congrats on the article! Looks like a fun medium to try.

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