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Many of you have expressed interest in my use of copper wire that was reclaimed from discarded electronics.

green serpentine & figure 8 chain

The fine gauge wire in this pendant came from an old television set.

hammered bangles redone (2)

The heavy gauge wire in these bangle bracelets is from old romex electrical cable.

bead wrapped hammered wire earrings still

And these earrings (click here to watch the Bead Wrapped & Hammered Wire Earrings video) use both the heavy and the fine gauge wire.

In the Reclaiming Copper Wire video I’ll give you some tips on where to find copper wire, how to make it usable and help you decide if it’s an avenue the you personally would find worth pursuing.

How you use it is up to you! 🙂

Enjoy the video and happy creating.

You can watch the Friday Findings-Reclaiming Copper Wire video over at YouTube.

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