Jul 252013

This is one of those beading patterns I’ve seen done in myriad ways,  yet it’s always interesting.


My challenge to you is to use whatever beads you have on hand and give it a try.

ladder beaded bracelet video tutorial

The video show you just hows to do it.  Believe me, it’s way easier than it looks.

Watch on YouTube: Ladder Weave Beaded Bracelet Video Tutorial

I don’t have a detailed materials list, because it really depends on what beads you use, but in general you’ll need:

  • beads of your choice (bugle beads, seed beads, long tube beads, round beads all will work)
  • bead stringing wire
  • toggle clasp
  • crimps
  • 1 small metal spacer bead
  • wire cutters
  • crimping pliers or chain nose pliers

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  7 Responses to “Ladder Weave Beaded Bracelet Video Tutorial”

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  1. So sweet! You sure do manipulate those tiny beads well. I’d be dropping them all over. :/

  2. You call that dropping? By the time I finished, there wouldn’t be a spare bead left on that table. O.o

  3. Thank you! Excellent video!
    I gave it a try, and the possibilities are endless!!!
    I’ve already tried four different bead types, and I am hooked!

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