Aug 022012

These turquoise nuggets were just begging to be made into a pair of earrings.


Often turquoise is combined with silver, but I’m loving the look of the coppery twisted wire beads at the top.  The metal beads at the bottom aren’t exactly copper, they’re not quite antique brass either, they just seem to work.

If you’ve never made your own jewelry before, you’ll love the satisfaction you get out of picking exactly the colors you want.  You’d be amazed at how quickly they go together, too.

To make these earrings you’ll need:

  • two turquoise nugget beads
  • two twisted wire beads
  • six round metal beads
  • six seed beads
  • six head pins
  • two eye pins
  • two ear wires
  • chain nose pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • wire cutters

The video tutorial shows you how to do the wire work and assemble this fantastic pair. Printed directions are below.

Basic Instructions:

  1. Thread one turquoise nugget and one twisted wire bead onto an eye pin. Use chain nose and round nose pliers to make a loop above the wire bead. Repeat with remaining nugget, wire bead, and eye pin.
  2. Thread one seed bead and one round metal bead onto a head pin. Use chain nose and round nose pliers to make a loop above the metal bead. Repeat with remaining beads and head pins to make a total of six dangles.
  3. Attach three dangles to bottom of each turquoise nugget unit. To complete earrings, attach an ear wire to top of each turquoise nugget unit.

Happy creating!

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  1. I think turquoise and copper together look fab! It is a departure from the usual turq and silver.

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