I need to run out the door in like, eight minutes, so I have to make this quick.  On my desk today is an utter mess left from my scrapbooking session last night (if you want to know why I’m posting a pic of my desk, go here to find out.)

I haven’t scrapbooked in a couple months, so it felt good to get back to the baby pictures.  There are from 1988, when my first son was born.  Wow, if we only realized just how simple life was back then . . .


I’ll leave you with the journaling, which a classic story told over and over in our family:

We used to leave the door ajar in our ground floor studio apartment so the cats could go in and out whenever they wanted.  Moses often took advantage of this situation to bring us “gifts,”  like the bird in this photo.

One day while Sandy was changing Joshua’s diaper Moses ran in and dropped a snake in the middle of the floor.  Josh had been screaming, and now Sandy, who hates snakes, was yelling, too – begging and pleading for the cat to take the snake out.  Moses, being confused by all the fuss, took off out the door, leaving the poor little garter snake behind.

Sandy gathered up the baby and ran, blithering, across the road to fetch a neighbor to help her.  He was a kindly old gentleman who couldn’t help but chuckle as he picked up the tiny snake to bring it outside

Peace and tranquility were restored . . . until the next time Moses went hunting.

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10 thoughts on “WOYWW – Moses and the Snake

  1. Lovely piece of journaling there…your son wll no doubt blss you for it at various stages of his life…let me see, he’s in his 20s now…probably over the ‘Mum, you’re so embarrassing’ stage! Shirl #122

    1. Thanks, Shirl! He’s 22 now, and has heard the story many times, but it had to be preserved for posterity. 🙂

      Your little cabinet is a treasure. I love those kinds of special family things.

      I want to hear your system of seeing ALL the Wednesday desks! It seems too time consuming to check more than a few. Have a great week.

  2. Oh yes, how simple life was, and how we find lots of ways to complicate it now!! Love the pages, and the story was funny too. I have a friend who is deathly scared of snakes too, even toy ones will make her run form the room!

    1. I don’t even like photos of snakes. I won’t run from the room, but I will close the book real quick!

      I’ve been enjoying reading your blog. Your new stamp storage is great! (Don’t you just love great finds on clearance? That’s a really nice Fiskers clear stamp set, I don’t think I’ve seen that one.)

  3. love this story – reminds me of my son he love Steve Irwin the crodilie hunter – but when a snake came in our backgarden he ran into the house stood on the sofa and hid behind the curtains he was only about 4 but his now 13 and we do love winding him up about it lol – love your layout ~ Nicky no.6

  4. And there was I all ready for a story about your son, Moses! How funny – a great record of an almost everyday story. My reaction would have matched Sandy’s. YOur desk reminds me that I should scrapbook more.

    1. I definitely need to scrapbook more, if I ever want to get caught up. I go through phases where I won’t do any pages for months, but then I find myself itching to get back to it. Gotta get those stories down on paper!

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