I just received this today.  May you find it edifiying.

Hanging a Wreath at Christmas

Since I have come to know God’s love
          I’ll think a little more
          When hanging up the festive wreath
          Of holly on my door.

I see in it a crown of thorns
          Placed on my Savior’s brow
          That I may have the gift of life;
          What meaning it has now!

The thorns are there–so needle sharp;
          The berries, too, are red
          Not too unlike the precious blood
          That on the cross was shed.

I’ll hang with prayer this holly wreath
          For all the world to see;
          Perchance, the lonely passerby
          Will feel God’s love through me.

Within our homes, let there be love
          “And peace on earth to men,”
          As we remember in our hearts
          The Babe of Bethlehem.

Received from Scott Neville.

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