Sep 122017

Have you ever had too much of a jewelry supply you didn’t really care for? This project began because I found myself with a supply of far more copper split rings that I would ever want or need to use.

iris dagger earrings cover

The idea for using the split rings as spacers between beads started with seeing other designs that used wire coils as spacers in between beads. I really like the way the split rings slip and twist against each other, creating random movement.

crystal point earrings 1

If you are one of my $5 or above monthly Patreon supporters be sure to watch this video where I share a tutorial for these crystal point earrings. (If you are a patron, you can find the password here:

The crystal point earrings are similar, but actually use spacer beads in between the dangles.

I love how the wire wrapping around the crystal shards has a kind of steampunk, industrial, sci-fi look. Or something like that… What would you call it?

Whatever you call it, I’m was really pleased with the final effect of this wrapping that leaves the interestingly jagged top edges of the beads exposed.

Tools and Materials:

For bonus patron project:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Blue Iris Dagger Bead Dangle Earrings-Jewelry Tutorial at YouTube.

May 182015

criss cross wire earrings

These earrings use wire wrapping in a rather different way, to create shapes surrounding our beads. You can use as many beads and wires as you like, perhaps even use larger beads and longer wires to make a pendant.

How about changing up the type of wire? Twisted wires, square wire or half-round would all give a different look to these frames. Experiment and see what you can come up with!

Enjoy the video and happy creating.

You can watch Criss Cross Wire Earrings Video Tutorial over at YouTube.


  • 2 8mm beads
  • 4 4-5mm beads
  • 2 head pins
  • 2 ear wires
  • 6 6-inch pieces 22-24 gauge wire


  • chain nose pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  • nylon jaw pliers

See video for complete instructions.

Nov 282014

friday findings-beaded ear wires

It was quite a revelation to me when I learned that I could make my own ear wires, especially when I realized it takes under five minutes to make a pair. And that includes gathering all the materials.

I will admit these 6mm pearls look  a little big for these ear wires, guess I’ll have to put some BIG earrings on them. 🙂 Probably 1 mm-4 mm beads would work best.

Keep in mind you could even make tiny coils (see my wire coiling video) and add those to make ear wires just like ones you purchase, only better cuz you made them yourself. 😀

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

You can watch the Friday Findings-How To Make Beaded Ear Wires over at YouTube.

Dec 172012

Yup, I’ve been having fun again, smacking things around on a Mini Anvil with a Craft Hammer.


Doncha just love the sparkly look of flattened, hammered wire?


The first time you try it you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to do.

Happy creating!


  • two ear wires
  • two head pins
  • two crystal beads
  • two 7-inch pieces 22-gauge craft wire
  • chain nose pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  • bench block or jeweler’s anvil
  • hammer


  1. To make bead dangle, slide a crystal bead onto a head pin. Grasp wire with chain nose pliers where it exits bead; bend wire into 90-degree angle. Grasp angle with round nose pliers and start to form a loop. Reposition round nose pliers and complete loop.  Use wire cutters to cut off excess wire where wires cross. Repeat to make second bead dangle.
  2. Use round nose pliers to start a small loop in one piece of the wire. Continue coiling wire around loop to make a spiral. Stop when 1 ½ -inches of wire remain uncoiled.
  3. Use round nose pliers to make a small loop with remaining end of the wire, facing loop in opposite direction so you have an “S” shape.
  4. Use flat part of hammer to gently pound spiral on bench block or anvil until wire is flattened. If desired, pound on both sides with rounded part of hammer to give texture. Repeat with other 7-inch piece of wire.
  5. Attach a bead dangle to outer loop of each larger spiral. Attach ear wires to outer loop of each smaller spiral.