Nov 072017

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s coming fast upon us, opportunities for gift giving and the need for quick and easy gifts abound.

Easy Tassel Pendants cover

These easy tassel pendant necklaces are the perfect thing to whip up as a thank you gift for a hostess, or a quick gift for an unexpected guest.

Change up the materials (perhaps a leather tassel?) and you could even have gifts for guys, such as key chains or rear view mirror dangles.

Easy Tassel Pendants insta

As I mentioned in the video, (twice in fact, lol) I had SO much fun going through my beads and trying to find ones that would work for this project.

I hope you have just as good a time creating yours!

Tools and Materials:

You can always just leave a long length of cord for typing in a bow around the back, but you have a few extra minutes, cord ends or ribbon ends are a much neater finish:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Easy Tassel Pendant Necklaces-DIY Jewelry Gifts Tutorial video at YouTube.

Dec 082013

I’m sure most of my fellow crafters will agree with me when I say that hand made gifts are the best.  In fact, one of the gifts I treasure the most is a scarf knitted for me by a friend for Christmas  last year. It’s just so nice to have something made for me for a change.

But that doesn’t mean I’m ever going to stop making gifts for others. 🙂

In that spirit, with Christmas just over two weeks away, I’m sharing with you some gifts you can put together quickly for those on your list.

Happy creating!

1. Snuggies!


2. Knitting needle or crochet hook organizer


3. Infinity Scarf


4. Quick Brag Book Photo Album


5. Purple Crystal & Gemstone Bracelet


6. Custom Swappable Earring Dangles


7. Custom Eyeglass, Camera or Phone Cases


8. Gift Box Earrings




9. Sea Glass Stretch Bracelet



10. Boho Bead and Leather Cord Necklace


Nov 012012

Now that Halloween is behind us, it’s time to eat up all that leftover candy!  Erm, no… how about  instead we seriously think about Christmas gifts?

For those of you crafters who like to make your own gifts, here’s a great quick project.


Stretch bracelets are fun to make, because you don’t have to deal with clasps and such.  They’re also easy to wear, for the same reason.  🙂

I got these sea glass beads at a bead show I attended recently.  These blue ones are pretty, but you should have seen the reds, yellows and oranges.  They looked positively edible.  (I must have candy on the brain, lol.)

Anyhow, enjoy the project.  Be sure to watch the video and/or read the directions, as I give a few hints that will make the process easier and the bracelet better.

Happy creating!


  • six 20mm sea glass beads
  • 12 bead caps
  • six 9mm accent beads
  • 10 inches beading elastic
  • super glue


Tip: Don’t cut the elastic from the spool before stringing your beads. This gives you a built-in bead stop.

Pre-stretch approximately 10 inches of elastic before starting to string your beads.

String the following pattern six times, having bead caps facing sea glass beads:

bead cap > sea glass bead > bead cap > accent bead

To tie off elastic, wrap right end over left twice and pull snug; then wrap left over right twice and pull tight.

Pull knot slightly away from bead it is closest to and add a drop of super glue into hole of bead. Gently pull elastic until knot is inside bead with glue. Allow to dry thoroughly before trimming elastic ends.