Oct 032017

Today’s creative exploration video came about because of a chance thought that came to me at the end of recording my Altered Bezels video.

Sometimes I think that’s the nature of creativity: we explore, try new things, push the boundaries, but it’s only when we push a little bit more, when we think we’re at the end of our ideas- then the really good ideas come.

embellished bezels cover

I say that because at the end of today’s video I had another one of those moments. Just an offhand thought about a way to use the remaining extruded clay rope.

The result of that idea was the black and gold squiggly bezel with the red teardrop cabochon. You can see it in the cover photo. I was really thrilled with how it came out and plan to explore this idea even more. (Who knows what ideas will come at the end of THAT exploration?)

If you’d like to see a tutorial for how to make a bezel like the one with the red teardrop, the good news is that I’ve made one! It’s available for anyone who supports me on Patreon at the $10 level & up.

Btw, did you know that my $5+ patrons get an additional bonus video every month? And $10+ supporters get TWO bonus videos monthly! 

It kind of reminds me of the game or exercise where you are told to make 20 observations about a thing. And when you’ve finally gotten those done, thinking you’ve exhausted all the observations you could possibly make, you are told to make 20 more.

Isn’t it the same with creativity? It’s only when we’ve pushed past all the easy and obvious solutions that we start to dig deep and find things that are truly unique, interesting and perhaps even revelatory.

So don’t just use my ideas, (although of course you’re welcome to!) but use this as an exercise for stretching your own creative muscles and making your own unique discoveries.

Tools and Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the How To Add Creative Embellishments To Molded Polymer Clay Bezels video at YouTube.

Sep 052017

The simplicity and ease of using purchased molds is always enticing. But it wars with the rebel/creative person in me who wants her work to look completely unique and not like anybody else’s.

altered bezels cover

The wonderful thing about clay is that you can still shape it even after pressing it into a mold!

We can use this to our advantage while creating bezels that perfectly fit our molded cabochons, but then customizing them with various tools after removing them from the molds.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that I like to use my clay blade after adding the texture to straighten up the edges of the bezel.

Just hold your blade perpendicular to the work surface and gently press it along the edges to straighten them. (I did this at one point in the video, but didn’t really explain how to do it after adding your textures.)

Another way of customizing your bezels would be to bake them in the molds, keeping their perfect shape, and then add decoration such as the beaded border I showed, and bake again. I may explore these possibilities in another video.

Tools & Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Altered Bezels for Polymer Clay Cabochons Tutorial video at YouTube.

Jul 202016

fantasy bezels

In last week’s video I showed how you can create your own textured polymer clay pendant bezels. Now it’s time to have some fun playing with filling them with the beautiful, but unpredictable, effects of Pebeo Prisme Fantasy paints.

Once the paints are completely cured you can top them with a dome of clear resin. This magnifies the paints and adds to the look of having an interesting cabochon inside your bezel.

If you’d like to see more ways of doing this technique, check out Ludmila Bakulina’s Pebeo playlist. Her techniques are similar to mine, but we each have our own take on it. Have fun coming up with your own unique version!

Tools & Materials:

  • Pebeo Fantasy Paints
  • Magic Glos
  • toothpicks or skewer sticks for stirring & applying paint
  • paper towel for clean up
  • odorless mineral spirits or paint thinner for clean up (if needed)
  • UV Light (optional, sunshine is free!)

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Fantasy Bezel Pendants Pt. 2-Polymer Clay Tutorial at YouTube.

Watch Part 1, Fantasy Bezel Pendants at YouTube.

Jul 132016

fantasy bezels

You may have noticed that I adore interesting surface effects. And I haven’t found any effects much more interesting than what Pebeo Fantasy paints can do!

After playing with these paints and admiring their organic end results, I decided they needed to be showcased by an organic setting. So, in this week’s video I’ll show you how to create these polymer clay bezels. Next week I’ll show how much fun it is to drop in the Pebeos and watch them do their thing.

You can finish the bezels simply, with just some applied mica powders, like I show in the video. Or, you can take it up a step and add metallics and patinas with Swellegant paints.

I definitely prefer this look, and like to wait until the Pebeos are done before choosing my paint & patina colors. The final look of Pebeos is unpredictable, so by waiting I can choose the colors that perfectly accent them.

Gather your supplies and be prepared to have fun!

Happy creating!

Watch the Fantasy Bezel Pendants-Polymer Clay Tutorial at YouTube.