Nov 212017

Have you ever held a glass bead up to the light and admired the glow, and wished it could be lit up like that while you wore it?

Glowfish Necklace cover

I have. Which is why I was so excited when I came across a display of luminous jewelry powered by nature at a recent bead show. The name of the company that makes it is AnglerFish (SO clever!) and they recently sent me their starter kit to try out.

See everything that’s in the kit, and details on how it all works in my Friday Findings video from last week:

How to Make Luminous Beads & Jewelry-Light Up LED Necklaces

Today’s video shows how to plan and design a necklace around a focal that looks lovely when lit from within. You can also wear the jewelry unlit, just leave off the powered clasp. 

Either way, this creative product adds a whole new element to our jewelry designs!

Tools and Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Glowfish Necklace-How To Make Luminous Light-Up Beaded Jewelry Tutorial video at Youtube.

Nov 172017

If you watched my video about my trip to the bead show, then you’ll know that I was quite impressed with the luminous jewelry kits created by AnglerFish.

I wasn’t able to pick up any of the product at the show, but then the folks at AnglerFish agreed to send me a kit in exchange for a video review. Yay!

ff led jewelry cover

Of course, even though I received this kit for free, all opinions stated are my true and honest feelings.

In today’s video I will show you:

  • Everything that comes in the kit
  • How to put together your first test necklace
  • How to choose the best glass beads for illumination

anglerfish 3

By the way, some of the beads that I show in the video and think won’t work actually will!

This is a very cool tip that I found later in one of the PDFs:

If you use a piece of a white straw on the inside of the bead hole, it will help defuse the light. And there’s even a bit of a straw included in your kit.

I will demonstrate how that looks in my next video and I’ll show you how to string a bead on the pendant style LED without having to glue it in.

anglerfish 1

This would be a great unique gift for someone who has everything and loves to make interesting jewelry.

AnglerFish has a lot of helpful resources at their website, including:

  • Support by way of PDFs and video tutorials
  • A blog
  • Gallery full of inspiring photos of luminous jewelry.

Don’t forget that you can purchase all of the components individually and make even more necklaces, all interchangeable with the one powered clasp!

Enjoy the video and happy creating.

Watch the How to Make Luminous Beads & Jewelry-Light Up LED Necklaces-Friday Findings video at YouTube.