Jun 232017

ff stackable jewelry box cover

Where there’s jewelry there needs to be some way to store it! 

In today’s video I show you a rather interesting style of jewelry box. It consists of a set of trays that stack neatly one on top of the other. I really like this style as often I will pull out entire drawers just so I can dig through them to find what I need.

The folks at SongMics (pronounced ‘sɒŋmiks) sent me their Stackable Jewelry Box to review, but I can assure you that all of the opinions are my own honest thoughts on the product.

When I first chose this set of stacked boxes to look at I was thinking of storing things other than jewelry in them, like my polymer clay bits and pieces. I have those sorted into trays from the craft store, but the collection is fast outgrowing its storage!

Now that I have more carefully looked over this stackable jewelry box, I think I may make room for it on my vanity table. We’ll see. Lots of rethinking and reorganizing coming up!

Speaking of organizing, here are a few videos on how I currently organize my jewelry and studio:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Stackable Jewelry Box-Organizing & Storage Product Review-Friday Findings video at YouTube.

Oct 172014

Happy Friday, all! I’m back today with another jewelry organizing tip for you.

friday findings diy jewelry organizing board

It’s a simple board that you can hang wherever you have the space and use to organize necklaces or bracelets (or lots of other things, I’m sure!)

Btw, I forgot to mention in the video that I used staples to attach the fabric. Just be sure to use 1/4-inch, nothing any longer, or you risk the staples coming through to the front side.

If you can’t find these items locally, here area  few online links for you:

Happy creating and organizing!

You can watch Friday Findings-DIY Jewelry Organizing Board over at YouTube.